I appreciate your interest in the 43rd District and I share that interest with you. Growing up on a farm in Pochontas County, graduating from PCHS, and owning land in the county, I have many ties to Pocahontas County. Living in Elkins with my wife Esther and our son Levi, we have many friends and family in Randolph County, as well.  With Esther growing up in Elkins and my work experience in the community, as well as, having served on the Elkins City Council and now on the Randolph County Board of Health, we are greatly invested in Randolph County.

           With my knowledge of the counties, skills of innovation and teamwork, and abilities to network and stay focused on moving forward, we can make a difference where it matters most: That is why I believe it’s about…our homes, our jobs, and our communities. Please work with me to make lasting investments in the future of the communities that we love the most. A delegate is one sent on behalf of, or acting on behalf of another, and I want you to send me on your behalf to represent us in the House of Delegates. I’m asking you to invest in me, so that we can invest in the future of our homes, future jobs, and the future of our communities. I’m not the answer to all the problems in Charleston, but with your help I can be part of the solution.







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